Animated Promo Videos

What is a Animated Promo Video?

Animated promo marketing is a great strategy used by companies and brands all over the world to communicate their core message to their potential and existing customers to easily drive higher lead generations.

There a few different styles you can choose from. It can be as simple or advanced as you like that works with your budget.

What are they good for?

Online video marketing. A good 30sec animated promo video can easily be deployed across Youtube, Facebook, in-stream channels. They are easily produced and can be turned around fast. You can advertise your brand through these channels or you can have it site on your website’s landing page to help convert your web visitors.

It’s usually a good idea to talk to us about not just getting a one off animated promo video, but a range of visual content that can back up your advertising strategy. For example:

We could produce for you 1x animated promo video but also produce

A set of animated web banners that can follow your visitors around the web, re-marketing to them.

A set of social media images – graphics that use the same imagery as the video that can drive home the message through your social media channels that creates more engagement.

6sec Cut-down bumper ads for your Youtube adverting. These are great because people can’t skip them during their Youtube exploring. Also good for re-marketing to drive awareness.




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