How to make people remember your video for all the wrong reasons

There are some videos out there that are worthy of an Oscar. There are others that are … well, not. You know the ones we’re talking about. The number of crappy videos that are out there that are so cringe-worthy or poorly-produced you’ve hastily exited just so you don’t stab your eyes out with a fork is phenomenal. What’s even worse is that the people who post these videos online think they’re the bees’ knees.

There’s nothing worse than spending time, effort and cash on a video only to find that no one wants to watch it. If you’ve been thinking about getting into video but you’re not sure where to start, find out the top five characteristics of a bad video before you make those mistakes yourself.

Bad audio

If you’ve ever paid good money to go to a concert, then discovered the sound quality was a bit off, you’ll understand just how important good audio is. It doesn’t matter how pretty your video might be, if it sounds crap, no one will watch it. Common mistakes include filming in a high-wind zone, not having the microphone close enough to the talent, not using a microphone at all, or forgetting to turn it on.

Bad lighting

Video is a visual medium, so it’s very obvious when there’s something wrong with its look and feel. Shadows, silhouettes and dark faces have the potential to ruin a video that’s really good otherwise. Don’t shoot your video in front of a window otherwise your talent will just be a black shape. Be careful about what lights you use and how they cast shadows over faces.

Slow start

The point of video is to tell your target audience about you or your product quickly and succinctly, in such a way that will make them convert. It’s vital, then, that you grab your viewer’s attention straight off the bat. Your audience is undoubtedly impatient and busy. Get to the point quickly.

Too long

We’re all busy, which means no one likes to watch a video that’s unnecessarily long-winded. Unless it’s particularly engaging, a viewer is likely to exit a video partway through if it’s too long, which means if your important information is right at the end, they’ll never hear it. Hold your audience’s attention with information they really need to know, and don’t make your video longer than it needs to be. 30-60 seconds is optimal.

Poor script

No one likes a rambler. Make sure your script is cohesive and succinct, and that it expresses all the information you want it to. Be organised and prepared. If you don’t stand in front of a camera very often, make sure you know the product well enough to seem trustworthy. Only the professionals can successfully adlib enough to sound convincing.

Producing a great video is easier said than done. While it’s tempting to do it yourself, professionally-produced videos will always give you the best results. Keen to give it a go? Chat to the friendly team at Onepost Media Production and go from there.