Whiteboard Animation

What is a whiteboard video animation?

Great for taking your audience on an educational journey  – Whiteboard animation the simplest and most affordable way to convey a simple or complicate message in a super effective way. When a viewer gets to the end of a well-made whiteboard animated video, there should be absolutely no confusion as to what the end message was. Clear messaging equals better memorability. And better memorability equals better conversion.

Fun & engaging

The very act of a hand sketching a concept in front of the viewer is far more engaging than most styles of animation or video production because it almost draws the viewer in as another character in the video. The more engaging the video the more likely it will be shared with other people, and the more likely conversions will climb too.


Because whiteboard video is all software based, it makes it much cheaper for us to produce than other animation styles. Also because of this, we can make changes easily to your video further down the track.

We have produced a ton of explainer videos from start-ups to mega brands. Have a look at our examples and get in touch with us.

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