DIY vs Professional Corporate Photography

Because virtually every man and his dog has a smartphone these days (some researchers think that 90% of Kiwis will own a smartphone by 2018), and as each new model comes out the camera gets better and better, it’s easy to think that we’ve all got what it takes to take a good photo. If it’s going to appear on Instagram, yes, you’ve probably got the skills to point, shoot and add a filter to your photos. But when it comes to the corporate world, it’s important to invest in professional photography over doing it yourself.

Quality & Professionalism

Whether you’re thinking about staff head shots, updated images for your website or product shots, a professional photographer is always the best choice. Yes, they’ll likely cost more than doing it yourself, but that’s because they know what they’re doing. Professional photographers have experience working across different genres and projects, so know more about what works for staff head shots versus what works for product shots.


In many cases, what makes a great photo isn’t the photographer or camera, it’s the lighting. But expensive lighting is just plain, well, expensive, and if you don’t have proper gear at your office it can also be difficult to get a hold of. Professional photographers bring all their gear with them including lights, tripods and ‘flecky’ (reflection) boards, then take it all back home with them, so you receive the highest quality photos possible, without the hassle of sourcing and returning gear. Some photographers like Onepost Video Production even have their own professional studios, which means the quality of your photos will be even higher.


While someone in your office might be a dab hand at amateur photography, it’s not the fulltime job and therefore they might not be available (or it might not be in the interests of the business to use them) when you need the photos to be taken. Professional photographers are busy so it pays to book them well in advance, but because photography is their sole job while yours is running their business, most photographers are flexible and try to work their schedules around yours to produce the best-quality results for your business.

Ordinary vs Spectacular

The point of a product shot is to make the product look so appealing a customer simply has to buy it now. But let’s be honest; some products just aren’t that sexy. While it might be hard for an amateur photographer to make an uninspiring product look great under the lens, a professional photographer has all the skills and know-how to make even the most ordinary product look spectacular. Whether they use staging, lighting, positioning or editing to highlight the best bits, they know what works from the consumer’s point of view, and how to convey that in their photography.

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