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Empowering Your Brand through Video: Onepost Media – Your Premier Digital Agency for Explainer Videos, Lead Generation, Online Marketing, and Video Production!

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Turning Complex Stories into Simple Understandings with Video.

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Shearsies 30sec Online Advert

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Commercials, Training, Promotion +

Welcome to the cinematic realm of Onepost Media's Video Production Services. Here, we tell stories that resonate, engage, and inspire. In a world where the human connection is often lost in the digital noise, our mission is to craft narratives that break through the clutter, allowing your brand's voice to be heard, felt, and remembered.

We specialise in a full suite of video production capabilities, from concept development and scriptwriting to filming, editing, and post-production. Whether it's a compelling brand story, a dynamic promotional video, or an awe-inspiring corporate documentary, our team of skilled creatives can turn your vision into a visual reality.

What makes us unique? It's our commitment to understanding the essence of your brand and transforming it into an immersive visual experience. We believe that every brand has a story to tell, and we are here to tell it in a way that stirs emotion, sparks curiosity, and drives action.

In a world where content is king, quality video production is the crown jewel. Harness the power of visual storytelling with Onepost Media's Video Production Services. Let's create extraordinary together.

Animation Services Auckland

Animated Explainer Videos

Immerse yourself in the world of Onepost Media's Animated Explainer Video Service, where complexity meets clarity, and messages come alive. Our expertise lies in transforming dense and intricate ideas into engaging, digestible, and entertaining visual narratives.

Our talented team of scriptwriters, illustrators, animators, and voice-over artists work in harmony to produce high-quality animated explainer videos that captivate your audience. We focus on delivering your brand's message in the most memorable and compelling manner, ensuring maximum comprehension and retention.

Whether you're looking to simplify a complex concept, boost your brand visibility, increase engagement, or convert prospects, our Animated Explainer Videos serve as a potent tool to achieve your objectives. Our videos don't just explain; they tell a story, evoke emotions, and foster a deeper connection between your brand and your audience.

In a digital age defined by short attention spans, a well-crafted animated explainer video can be your secret weapon to stand out. Discover the difference with Onepost Media's Animated Explainer Video Service. Let's illuminate your story in motion.

digital marketing and video marketing

Search PPC, SEO and Web Design

Welcome to Onepost Digital, where the convergence of Search PPC, SEO, and Web Design create dynamic solutions to elevate your business. In the rapidly evolving digital marketplace, standing out can be challenging. But fear not, we're here to illuminate the path to your success.

Our comprehensive approach to online marketing ensures that your brand is not just visible, but irresistible to your target audience. We blend strategic Search Pay-Per-Click campaigns to enhance your immediate reach, with top-tier SEO practices for sustainable, organic growth. But it doesn't stop there.

Our web design team crafts intuitive and visually compelling online spaces that align with your brand vision and engage your visitors. By combining these three crucial elements, we deliver a holistic strategy that amplifies your online presence, driving traffic, conversions, and ultimately, growth.

So, why would you be looking for this? In today's digital age, a strong online presence is more than a necessity, it's the cornerstone of your business's success. Our services at Onepost Media are designed to create that powerful presence, tailored to your unique needs and objectives. Your journey to online prominence starts here with us. Let's redefine the digital landscape together.

lead generation nz

Your Business Needs Leads

Introducing Onepost Media's Lead Generation Services, your key to unlocking a surge of potential customers waiting to discover your brand. In a world where every click could lead to a conversion, we position your business at the forefront, crafting strategies that magnetize prospects and convert them into loyal customers.

Our lead generation team adopts a multi-faceted approach, utilizing a combination of innovative tools and techniques to create a steady stream of high-quality leads. We leverage data-driven strategies to identify your ideal customer profile, curate bespoke marketing funnels, and create compelling content that stimulates interest and sparks action.

But what sets us apart is our dedication to quality over quantity. We believe that a well-qualified lead is far more valuable than a plethora of uninterested contacts. Therefore, we tailor our efforts to attract leads who have genuine interest and intent, ensuring your resources are used optimally.

In a competitive business landscape, having a strategic lead generation service is not just an advantage, it's a necessity. Allow Onepost Media's Lead Generation Services to fuel your sales pipeline, ignite growth, and propel your business to new heights. It's time to turn potential into success.

Why Onepost Video Production

Video production experience icon- Creatives in Auckland


Onepost has been producing video since 2012, working with some of New Zealand’s biggest brands.

Started in Auckland, we have travelled the world and worked all over New Zealand on large and small projects.

Creative and quick video in auckland

Creative and Quick

 When you use Onepost, you get a highly creative team that can turn-around content quickly.

We produce creative content for social, T.V and Cinema advertising and websites.

Results driven video marketing in auckland

Results Driven

We don’t want to make a video just for the sakes of a video. We want to actually bring you in more income, leads, traffic, signups … Whatever the goal maybe.

Onepost is a Trusted New Zealand Government Supplier

We are proud to say that we are on the approved supplier list under the creative services panel for the New Zealand government.

NZ Government suppliers

Video Production Explainer Videos

A trusted creative advertising services supplier for the government, we have also worked with a bunch of awesome businesses, start-ups, companies and charities.

We enjoy the art of perfectly crafting a video that captures the attention of your audience to explain what your business does. There’s a massive range of video production techniques that can cater to all.

At Onepost Media, we use various styles and formats of video depending on your budget, brand, target audience, and desired impact or outcome. Our specialties are live-action and animation.

See a list here of all our services.

digital marketing and video marketing

Animated Explainer Videos and why you should want one.

Animated explainer videos are an excellent way to promote your business and its products or services. They can be used to educate potential customers about what you do, how your products or services can benefit them, and why they should choose you over the competition. Much like Sydney Animated Videos, Onepost Media is a leading provider of animated explainer videos, and we can help you create a high-quality video that will engage and convert your audience.

Benefits of using animated explainer videos for your business include:

– Increased brand awareness: A well-made animated explainer video can help increase awareness of your brand and what you do. It can also help differentiate you from the competition.

– Improved lead generation: Animated explainer videos can be used as part of an inbound marketing strategy to generate leads and sales. They can be placed on your website, shared on social media, or used in email marketing campaigns.

– Increased conversion rates: Explainer videos have been shown to improve conversion rates by up to 20%. They are an effective way to get your message across and persuade potential customers to take action.

If you’re looking for a quality animated explainer video, Onepost Media can help. We specialize in creating custom videos that tell your story in an engaging and compelling way. Contact us today to learn more about our video production services. We also have great friends at Tampa Live Stream and Melbourne Live Stream

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Video Production Case Study

Onepost Media Production has a proven track record of achieving results through beautiful video marketing content. Here’s a case study to illustrate:

Transdev Wellington Recruitment Video.



Transdev were in need of more train drivers in their Wellington network. The team approached Onepost to create video content to support recruitment efforts.


We proposed to capture the stories of multiple drivers in an authentic way and to capture the best views that the drivers see everyday.

We believe that storytelling is a powerful tool in marketing and this was the perfect project to prove that.



  • 1X full-length 2.5minute video to sit on the client’s website page.
  • 1X Cutdown for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • 4X 15sec Social media stories
  • Multiple High res images for their display marketing



They have had 22k views on Facebook organically

Transdev Wellington training programs are completely FULL and all cabs are out on the tracks!


Commonly asked video production questions

How much does a video cost?
This all depends on what you want to achieve out of your project, what sort of budget you have and the style of the video. Once we have a few questions answered, we can then put a proposal together that will have a few pricing options. This way you will be able to see the difference between a cost effective project and one with all the bells and whistles.
What's the process with your video service?

Step 1 is learning.

We talk with you and learn everything we can about your business and brand and what your goals are marketing wise. After that, our copywriters/directors get to work.

Concept development / Scripting Phase
Working with your team, we will put together a concept on how the video should look. Then we script it out with a worded storyboard and sketch.

Live action:

Our producer will contact you to plan out our shoot times / talent / props etc.

We shoot the content to the script and brief.

Post Production / Editing
A typical corporate video will take a couple of days of editing and a day of client changes. This varies on each project we do depending on the scale.


Design Phase
We design with your brand in mind. In most cases our clients provide us with Brand Guidelines that we can work from. Regardless, our design team will illustrate a frame or two of your script and send back to you for approval of the look. Once approved, we can go onto designing the rest of the frames and present it to you in our own unique storyboard.

Animation Phase
Because you are now stoked with the design and storyboard, you can clearly see exactly what will happen in the animation. This makes the animation phase a breeze. Typically for 2d animated video we can get this done within a few days. We will send WIPS. (Work in progress MP4s) to your email box for approval during this process. 2-3 rounds of changes later, and you are now happy with the final video.

Why should I use Onepost Media?
Onepost is different to their competitors. We are the only company that understands how video production and digital marketing go hand-in-hand together. We understand that you have a budget and you want to see a return on your investment when contracting us.

For video production Auckland and Wellington, We have been working with some of New Zealand’s biggest brands and agencies, designing awesome creative video that delivers the message to their customers.

We work with some of the best artists and designers in NZ & AU to give our clients something actually good. Not some rubbish animated video that looks like Microsoft clip art 1995.

What types of video do you do?
  • Video Production Auckland
  • Video Production Wellington
  • Corporate Videos
  • Social Media Videos
  • Branding Videos
  • TV commercials
  • Training Videos
  • Recruitment Videos
  • Walkthrough videos
  • Customer testimonials
  • Stop Motion
  • Explainer Videos
  • Animated Videos
How do revisions work?
We use the fantastic software – Wipster.

revision editing

Wipster let’s us send each video wip (work in progress) via their platform so it’s super easy for you to select a part of the video and make your comments – even send it around your team to get everyone’s comments, then we can see those comments and make all the adjustments and send back for approval.

If you want to see more on how this works, contact us and we will send you a demo.

Normally we allow up to 3 rounds of changes.

What Video Production Our Clients Say

Awesome and super easy to collaborate with the team at OnePost!

Michael F

Marketing, Toyota Fleet

Onepost worked with us at Fisher and Paykel Healthcare and they were great. They worked in a timely manner and produced something creative that exceeded our expectations – thanks for your great mahi!

Sam Y

Marketing, Fisher Paykel Healthcare

let's talk about business video creation - advertising and promotional content

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