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Transdev Wellington, Recruitment Video.


Transdev were desperately needing more train drivers in their Wellington network so they approached us to create a video to help with recruitment.


We proposed to capture the stories of multiple drivers in an authentic way and capture the best views that the drivers see everyday.

We believe that storytelling is the most powerful way to get the message accross or sell something in marketing and this was the perfect project to prove that.


  • 1X full length 2.5minute video to sit on the client’s website page.
  • 1X Cutdown for Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.
  • 4X 15sec Social media stories
  • Multiple High res images for their display marketing


They have had 22k views on Facebook organically

Transdev Wellington training programs are completely FULL and all cabs are out on the tracks!

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P-GDB 2020 Awareness campaign 

This year Onepost created a 30second TVC to drive home the message to always use a licenced tradie.

We took an omni Channel approach to push our client’s message to as many people as we can online, using the 4 major networks as well as TV ad spots.

  • Google Search
  • Google Display
  • Youtube 
  • Instagram placements 
  • Facebook Placements
  • TVNZ


The Red Cross

2020 Explainer video for the Red Cross. We were approached to use some of their existing imagery to create a fun video for their Social Media.

Onepost carried out:

    • Scripting and Producing
    • Illustration
    • 2D Animation
    • Delivering on target


Spark Digital

Fresh for 2020, Onepost was commisioned by Spark Digital to create an explainer video to illustrate what their IoT is and why you need it. 

Onepost carried out: 

  • Scripting and Producing
  • Illustration
  • 2D Animation
  • Delivering on target



Stupid Robot Fighting League. Yes you heard right. We produced a half hour action game show for ESPN in 2019 that involved a mamoth edit with fun animations. Check out the promo.

Onepost carried out:

  • Producing
  • Animation of Robots
  • Editing
  • Delivering to ESPN US TV


Global Travel Academy

Onepost created 2 courses for The Global Travel Academy – An online course on how to be a responsible volunteer abroad and a Health ans Safety course for volunteering abroad. This took us to 12 countries over 9 weeks of intensive filming, then a mamoth edit for the 110 videos that were outputted. 

Onepost carried out:

  • Scripting and Producing
  • Pre Production Planning
  • Filming 2 with cam ops 
  • Editing and colour grading


Video Testimonies

There’s no better way to prove your value than a clear message straight from your customer’s mouth. This is hugely effective way to boost your awareness on channels like Linkedin and Facebook and other social channels. But even better, these types of videos are perfect for the consideration part of your customers journey through the sales funnel. 

Animated Videos

We love to animate! Using a combination of animation techniques, we explain your business to communicate ideas, methods and every other thing you can think of. Onepost can animate 2D and 3D style. Our process is simple and effective. 


Boost your awareness with a 15 or 30-second advert. Advertising has never been so easy to produce and track. We can produce video ads and also run the marketing via various media channels to produce ROI.

Recruitment Videos

What better way to showcase your available position with a video story that captures what it’s really like to work with you. We have run several successful video campaigns for businesses through social media channels such as LinkedIn.

Onepost clients 2021 video production