Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Onepost Media?

We know what we are doing. We have been working with some of New Zealand’s biggest brands and agencies for a long time now. We are all about designing awesome creative video that delivers your message to your customers. We work with some of the best artists and designers in NZ & AU to give our clients something actually good. Not some rubbish animated video that looks like Microsoft clip art 1995.

What types of video do we do?

We produce branding videos, TV commercials, walkthrough videos, explainer videos, company story videos, customer testimonials, screencast tutorials, and more. We specialise in techniques including 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, stop motion, live action and papercraft.

What’s the typical process?

We talk with you and learn everything we can about your business and brand. After that, our copywriters get to work.

Scripting Phase
Working with your team, they will put together a concept on how the video should look. Then they script it out with a worded storyboard. From there, we go to the design phase.

Design Phase
We design with your brand in mind. In most cases our clients provide us with Brand Guidelines that we can work from. Regardless, our design team will illustrate a frame or two of your script and send back to you for approval of the look. Once approved, we can go onto designing the rest of the frames and present it to you in our own unique storyboard.

Animation Phase
Because you are now stoked with the design and storyboard, you can clearly see exactly what will happen in the animation. This makes the animation phase a breeze. Typically for 2d animated video we can get this done within a few days. We will send WIPS. (Work in progress MP4s) to your email box for approval during this process. 2-3 rounds of changes later, and you are now happy with the final video.

How long does it take?

A typical 2d animated video can take up to 4 weeks to produce. It all depends on the complexity of your video and how much time is needed for us to put into it.

How do revisions and feedback work?

Our typical approach to each job we do, is to allow for 2-3 rounds of changes to each part of the process to creating the video. Except voice over changes – any extra voice changes are an extra cost to the client.

How does Onepost Media work?

Depending on your project, we do most of our videos in-house, but sometimes we have to bring in amazing talented people from around New Zealand and Australia to help with scripting and directing and animation production. This gives us the ability to constantly pump out different types of creative styles that’s unique to your industry.


Who owns the rights to my video?

You own the final MP4. You own the right to do what ever you please with it.