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Our Non-Profit Video Explainer Service By Onepost Media

In the digital age, it’s all about making a connection. At Onepost Media, we’re committed to helping non-profit organisations make that essential connection with their audience, in a way that’s engaging, impactful and memorable.

Yes, we’re talking about the power of animated explainer videos! This dynamic visual medium has the ability to convey complex concepts with clarity, raise awareness and promote your cause in an effective and compelling manner.

Imagine being able to narrate your non-profit’s story while providing informative content that touches hearts and moves people into action – this is what our animated explainer video service offers. We understand the challenges you face in getting your message across; especially when resources are limited.

That’s why we’re here – to provide an innovative solution that doesn’t just inform but also inspires. It’s more than just creating videos; it’s about giving you the freedom to communicate your mission powerfully without boundaries or constraints.

Onepost is a team of highly professional Copywriters, Illustrators, Producers, and Animators.

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The Power of Visual Communication

There’s no denying it, the power of visual communication is a game-changer, especially when you’re trying to get your message across effectively and memorably.

As specialists in nonprofit video production, we understand how animation can capture complex ideas in an engaging and digestible way. This form of storytelling not only generates more interest but also stimulates emotional responses that help audiences connect with your cause on a deeper level.

We know you’re after freedom – freedom from confusion, freedom from miscommunication, and ultimately, the freedom to convey your mission in the most impactful way possible.

That’s where our tailored nonprofit animation service comes into play. We channel our creativity into crafting unique animated videos that accurately reflect your organization’s values and objectives while captivating viewers’ attention. These aren’t just animations – they are powerful narratives carefully designed to inspire action and drive meaningful change within communities.

Artful Design Meets Clear Messaging in Animation

Engaging and Informative Videos for Non-Profits

Combining captivating visuals with compelling narratives, we create engaging and informative videos that effectively communicate your non-profit’s mission and impact.

Our animated explainer video service specifically caters to non-profit organisations, helping you tell your story in the most impactful way possible.

We understand that every organisation has a unique message and purpose – so we work closely with you to ensure our videos accurately represent your goals.

– We craft each video with care, ensuring it resonates with your target audience.

– Our team of professional storytellers and animators bring your vision to life.

– Every video is tailored to fit your brand’s style and tone.

– We use emotion-driven storytelling because we know how powerful feelings can be when inspiring action.

– Through our videos, we not only explain what you do but also why it matters.

Our goal is for viewers to walk away from our videos feeling moved, informed, and eager to support your cause.


Conveying Your Message Effectively

Crafting a compelling narrative isn’t just about making your message heard; it’s about making it felt. At OnePost Media, we understand the importance of emotional resonance in storytelling.

Whether it’s sharing the success stories of those you’ve helped or highlighting the urgent needs that you’re striving to meet, our animated explainer videos are designed to tap into the hearts and minds of your audience. We don’t just tell them what you do; we show them why it matters.

Delivering your organization’s mission visually not only helps people understand what you’re all about but also stirs their desire for change – a longing for freedom from whatever problem or issue your non-profit is battling against.

While facts and figures have their place, they can often feel dry and impersonal. In contrast, animated videos put a human face on these statistics, bringing them to life in a way that inspires empathy and action.

It sets the stage perfectly for our next discussion: how animated videos play an integral role in raising awareness for causes like yours.

Why Onepost

Creative and quick video in auckland


The team at Onepost deliver Explainer Videos at lightning speeds. Not only can we provide quality with a fast turn-around, but we also have systems in place that keeps you up to date with our process.

Super creative video production team in auckland and wellington


Onepost is artistically different from our competitors. We believe in well-designed illustrations that form our explainer videos. We also take pride in our ability to make engaging creative animations.

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Work Flow

We have put systems in place that ensures you are always up to date throughout the process using our hub. Within the hub you will see the scripting, design and animation wips as well as finals that you can easily download.

What Our Clients Say:

PeopleNZ – x Google

Thanks to Sam and the team we have got excellant testimonial and animation videos for our website and company promotions. Onepost stand out as real pros in their industry.

Money Empire – x Google

Can not recommend Onepost enough! The team got back to my initial query straight away and took the time to understand what I was after. The first concepts were through to me in days and they were bang on brief with consent communication on where the project was at! The effort to get the final version exactly how I wanted was so greatly appreciated. I love the final version and can’t wait to share it. THANK YOU!

Our Process is Unique and Simple

Animation Kick Off - NZ explainer

Kick Off

First up, we chat about what you want and if we can do it (spoiler alert: we can). Next, we partner you with an awesome copywriter who’ll get started on your script and an account manager who’ll make sure everything runs smoothly.

Animation Kick Off - NZ explainer


Depending on the scale of your project, scripting usually takes 3-5 days. Your copywriter will develop a script that ticks all your boxes and liaise with you directly until you’re happy with the story they’ve created.

Animation Kick Off - NZ explainer

Concept Design

Before we get cracking on illustration, we give you a ‘sneak peek’ so you can tell us what you like and what you don’t. Concept design usually takes 1-2 days and we use this time to make sure we nail the look and feel you’re going for before we get started on the real thing.

Animation Kick Off - NZ explainer


A storyboard is an animated video from beginning to end, just on paper. It usually takes about a week to pull your storyboard together. When you’ve approved it, there’s no surprises when we get to animation.

Animation Kick Off - NZ explainer

Voice Production

Most animated videos need a professional voiceover, and some need music to be produced specially. Sound a bit scary? Don’t worry: we handle it all.

animation nz


Now’s the fun part! Our animators work their magic to turn your paper storyboard into a walking and talking animated video. You’ll receive regular updates along the way plus low-res MP4 video files that you can watch to provide feedback and approve the video. In most cases this takes about a week to complete.

Raising Awareness through Animated Videos

You’ve likely seen how powerful visuals can be in capturing attention and stirring emotions, but have you considered the impact of animation for your cause’s awareness campaign? Our animated explainer video service at OnePost Media takes storytelling to another level. We craft compelling narratives that speak directly to your audience, breaking down complex issues into digestible content that resonates deeply with viewers.

Whether it’s shedding light on environmental issues or advocating for social justice, our animations are designed to make an impact.

Animation brings stories to life in a way that static images and text can’t. Here are three ways it can amplify your message:

– Visual Appeal: Animated videos stand out from the crowd with their vibrant colors and dynamic movement; they’re hard to ignore and instantly draw viewers in.

– Emotional Connection: By humanizing abstract concepts or situations, animation can evoke empathy—a powerful motivator for action.

– Engaging Content: With the right script and visuals, animated videos are inherently engaging; they keep viewers hooked, making them more likely to absorb your message and take action.

The potential uses for animation in raising awareness are vast: from promoting fundraising events to illustrating the impact of donations on beneficiaries. But remember, this is just one piece of the puzzle—once you’ve raised awareness, it’s crucial to provide education too.

Educating the Public with Compelling Content

Engaging the public with compelling content isn’t just about grabbing their attention – it’s about educating them on issues that matter. At OnePost Media, we believe in using our animated explainer video service to not only captivate audiences but also illuminate important topics.

We understand that non-profit organisations are often tasked with discussing complex or sensitive subjects, and our goal is to make these conversations more accessible and engaging for everyone involved. With a careful blend of creativity and factual accuracy, we distil complicated information into digestible, easy-to-understand segments.

Our focus is always on delivering a powerful message that resonates deeply with viewers while still maintaining an undercurrent of freedom and empowerment. This approach ensures your audience doesn’t feel overloaded with information but rather inspired to learn more and take action.

And what better way to continue this engagement than through the art of storytelling? Let’s dive into how harnessing the power of narratives can further amplify your cause.

Promoting Your Cause with Storytelling

Harnessing the power of storytelling can be a game changer in promoting your cause. It allows you to connect with your audience on an emotional level and inspire real change.

We at OnePost Media understand the potency of a well-crafted narrative. Especially when it comes to championing for non-profit causes. It’s not just about presenting facts or figures. It’s about weaving those elements into a story that resonates deeply with people’s values and aspirations.

A compelling story can break down barriers and spark conversations around issues that matter. It drives them from the peripheries right to the heart of public discourse.

Our animated explainer video service is designed precisely for this purpose. To give voice to your stories in an engaging and innovative way. We don’t just make videos. We create experiences that are both immersive and inspiring.

Our team works closely with you every step of the way. Ensuring each scene, each character, each line reflects your mission perfectly. These aren’t mere promotional tools. They’re powerful narratives meant to raise awareness, provoke thought, and ultimately ignite action among viewers.

Connecting Emotionally with Your Audience

It’s crucial to understand that creating a deep emotional connection with your audience is far more than just about making them feel good; it’s about touching their hearts and minds in ways that inspire them to join your cause.

By leveraging our expertise in animated explainer videos, we can help you create compelling narratives that resonate deeply with your audience, stirring emotions and inspiring action. We focus on:

– Bridging the gap between empathy and understanding through powerful storytelling.
– Bringing forth the human side of your organization by showcasing real stories.
– Amplifying the impact of your work using vivid imagery and animations.
– And instilling a sense of urgency for change by highlighting societal issues.

We don’t merely present facts or figures but instead craft a captivating story that highlights the importance of your mission. Using this approach not only makes it easier for viewers to relate to the challenges you’re addressing but also motivates them towards supporting your organization wholeheartedly.

Our goal is always to create content that stirs feelings, moves people into taking action, and ultimately helps non-profit organizations like yours thrive.

With animation as our tool, we’re able to break down complex ideas into simple, digestible concepts – making it easier for everyone involved to grasp what’s at stake.


Commonly asked questions on our animated video service

How much does Onepost Media's animated explainer video service for non-profit organizations cost?

We’re thrilled you’re interested! Price? We understand every non-profit’s budget is unique. So, we’ve made sure our animated explainer video service is affordable.

What is the typical turnaround time for an animated explainer video from Onepost Media?

We’re speedy! Typically, we can whip up your animated explainer video in around 2to 3 weeks. But remember, the ultimate freedom is not rushing things. Quality takes time, and we promise it’s worth it!

Does Onepost Media offer any discounts or special packages for non-profit organisations?

Absolutely! We’re all about empowering non-profits. We offer special packages and discounts to help these organisations unleash their potential without breaking the bank. Let’s bring your cause to life together!

Does Onepost Media offer any additional services beyond animated explainer videos for non-profit organisations?

Absolutely! We’re not just about animations. We also offer social media management, content creation, and SEO services. It’s all about empowering your non-profit to reach more people and make a bigger impact.

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