Because Great Graphic Design isn’t Just about Pretty Pictures

Logos. Business cards. Sign-writing. Websites. Letterheads. Email signatures. Graphic design is everywhere. But when it comes to small business, graphic design is frequently overlooked in favour of other ‘priorities’, usually because of perceived cost. But while those priorities may well be important, professional graphic design is just as important. Here’s why.

Great Graphic Design Creates Great First Impressions

In today’s business landscape, competition is through the roof, and it’s easy for your brand to get lost in the noise. High-quality graphic design in the form of logos, websites, signs and business cards makes your business look awesome, so when potential clients come across your business, their first impression of you is positive. And whether we like it or not, first impressions are what get people through your doors in the first place. It doesn’t matter how great your service is, if your graphic design is poor, amateur or out-of-date, potential customers are likely to remain just that: potential.

Great Graphic Design Tells Your Unique Story

Professional graphic design isn’t just pretty; it also tells a story – your story. A great graphic designer will take what you do, where you’ve been, and where you’re going, and create an overall brand that suits your business down to a tee. A brand isn’t just about what your logo looks like; it encompasses everything that creates the feeling people experience when they see your website, logo, business card or sign for the first time. A builder’s brand will be totally different to a café.

Great Graphic Design Sets You Apart

Great graphic design and branding consistency creates a unique identity and differentiates you from your competition. A great graphic designer won’t just wing it; everything they create will use the same font, colours, imagery and mood. This consistency will not only make you look professional, and like you value the small things, it will also help your business become memorable for all the right reasons.

Great Graphic Design Converts into Customers

Great design not only looks good and tells your story, it also converts into customers – and sales. A well-crafted website will entice visitors to click on your ‘call to action’ button – Buy Now or Contact Us. An appealing business card will not only remain in people’s wallets, they’ll also stay in people’s memories. Prospective clients won’t just drive past great signwriting; they’ll remember it long afterwards. See? Professional graphic design has the potential to deliver great results for a small business.

Great Graphic Design is Financially Smart

Frequently the reason businesses don’t take graphic design seriously in the first place is because they’re not prepared to invest in it. Let’s be straight up: professional graphic design that delivers great business results isn’t a small investment, but doing it right first time is much cheaper in the long-run, versus hiring sub-par graphic designers to do average jobs multiple times.

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