Because Video Makes Business More Engaging

From the moment we wake up to the moment we turn out lights off, we’re bombarded by video content every day. From interacting with brands via Facebook Live and sharing hilarious Snapchat dog filters with friends, right through to watching news online and the latest Netflix series after dinner, video has become an essential part of most consumers’ lives.

But business is seriously lagging when it comes to incorporating video content into the nine-to-fives of staff members. Despite being so used to – even inherently ingrained by – accessing video resources whenever they want to, business still heavily relies on more traditional modes of communication, like email and meetings. But there’s plenty of opportunity for video to reinvigorate the workplace – here’s how.

Staff Inductions

Let’s be honest: when new staff turn up to work for their first day, it’s always a bit of a hassle trying to show them around. Everyone else is already busy. They don’t have time to introduce them to the heads of department, let alone show them where the toilets are or how to use the coffee machine. Use video to create a welcome pack that tells your new staff a bit about your company, your values, where you’ve come from, where you’re heading, and who runs the ship. Matching friendly faces onscreen to even friendlier faces in real life will give your new staff a head-start on their new role. And physically showing new staff where important things are like the kitchen, lockers, vending machines, how to swipe in and out of the building, the place where everyone goes for Friday night drinks, and of course the loos will help them feel oriented and connected before they’ve even started work.

Staff Training

Whether it’s teaching employees how to use new software or undertaking leadership to upskill your teams, staff training is one of those necessary processes that has loads of benefits, but it can sometimes be a hassle organising it in the first place. Focus your training and save long-term time by creating video-based training that can be used over and over again. Using a combination of screen captures, diagrams, interviews and trainer-led direction makes staff training not only engaging and enjoyable in the moment, but also enables viewers to remember the content long after they’ve finished.

Messages from the CEO

Especially if you work within a large company where frequently staff know names but not faces, video can help bridge the gap between the management tier and their staff. Regular video blogs, or vlogs, from the CEO or heads of department can help staff identify with their bosses, despite possibly not dealing with them much regularly. Keep staff updated with all the goings on of the business with weekly videos that are short, snappy and easy to watch, yet filled with lots of important information that will help them feel connected to the company.


Particularly if your company has offices all over the country, even the world, live-streaming or recording conferences or annual ‘all hands on deck’ meetings can enable people who can’t be there in person to still feel involved. Live-stream your conference or important meeting via your intranet, secure network or even Facebook Live, or record it so viewers can watch it later. While this option might sound a little technical, you really don’t need much equipment to make this happen effectively.

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