… Especially if they’ve never done it before

It’s sad but true: some people freak out at the mere thought of speaking in front of a camera, let alone actually doing it. But when it comes to creating a high-quality and engaging company video, corporate video or explainer video that communicates your message effectively, it’s imperative that your onscreen talent (the person who’s in front of the camera) is 100% comfortable.

So how do you get the best out of your onscreen talent without spending all day shooting retakes or making them look like an idiot at the end of it? We’ve got four tips.

Make them feel comfortable.

Think about a space that you feel totally at ease in. Maybe it’s your bedroom. Maybe it’s your lounge. Maybe it’s the beach. Now, ask yourself why those places make you feel so relaxed. Is it the décor? The personal items? The wide open spaces?

In the same way, your onscreen talent has their own favourite spaces. If they’re worried about the prospect of appearing on camera, it’s essential you make them feel comfortable and relaxed. Shoot them in their home or office. Serve them their favourite cuppa. The more your talent feels comfortable and relaxed, the better their performance in front of the camera will be.

Have fun with them.

Tell jokes and stories. Use self-deprecating humour so they can laugh at you. Have a good old giggle with them to break down their emotional barriers before you start filming your corporate video, company video or explainer video. The more fun they’re having, the more it’ll come across on camera.

Tell them exactly what’s going to happen.

Often people are frightened about standing in front of a camera because they don’t know what’s going to happen. Prepare them by showing them the camera and how it works. If you’ve got multiple video production crew members onsite, introduce them and their roles, and tell a funny story about them. There’s nothing more disconcerting than a boom mic inching closer and closer through your periphery vision when you don’t know what it is!

Just have a conversation with them.

If your explainer video, company video or corporate video is going to be fronted by a human (as opposed to using animation or voiceover), it will always be more successful if the person comes across as natural, confident, unscripted and conversational. Get rid of the script altogether and encourage your onscreen talent to just have a conversation with you or the camera. Even better, get them talking then secretly start recording so they’re not aware at which point the actual interview has started.

Get a professional to work with them.

It’s always difficult to produce a company video or corporate video when the onscreen talent is your superior like your manager or the CEO. If you’re after true objectivity, hire a video production company to produce your video for you. A video production company understands how to direct and deal with onscreen talent, particularly people who’ve never spoken in front of a camera before, in order to get what they need out of them.

If you’re thinking about creating a corporate video, company video or explainer video, but aren’t quite sure how to get the best out of your onscreen talent, have a chat to the Onepost Media Productions team. Onepost is based in Auckland and Wellington, and specialises in creating all sorts of corporate videos including ones with presenters and onscreen talent.

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