The use of animation can help your business so much, from simplifying ideas to creating empathy and engagements there are a lot of ways in which animation can help your business!

1. Engagement

Engagement when training staff members is very important as you want them to take all the messages in and not be TOO bored. If you want staff to engage with the information presented to them, animation can cause the viewers to discuss and properly take in this information. Animations also cause employees to remember the video production that they have seen and this can be applied to their day-to-day routine.

2. Learning

No two people are the same and therefore why would their learning styles be?

It is a commonly known fact that less than 25% of communication is verbal so it is of no surprise that a lot of people are more visible than verbal learners. A lot of people respond better to intriguing and stimulating stimulus as opposed the being lectured or simply reading words off a whiteboard.

3. SEO

Use of video marketing has severely increased the traffic to websites that include animations on their home pages. This is because of SEO which drives traffic to a website as the animations cause them to climb up the google search history pages.

Instead of spending hours and hours marketing your product simply including bespoke animations can immediately boost the volume of traffic coming to your page, therefore making video marketing a great and essential tool.

4. Time

Whilst animations take time, they are commissioned and returned at speedy rate, whereas videos with people in can take a lot longer to shoot and is dependent on people as opposed to a person designing for you. Normal videos can get dated very quickly as technology develops, whereas animated videos don’t age nearly as quick. This save you both time and money, which are very important when running your own business.

5. Conveyance

It can take a lot of money and time to create videos that convey the messages you wish to get across to employees. Messages can take hours of scriptwriting filming and editing, let alone how annoyed employees get having to spend hours watching a training video. This is now a thing of the past, animations can convey a message in just a few minutes, whereas other more dated forms of training can take 30+ minutes to convey the exact some point.

6. Impression

Animations are more likely to be watched by those not interested in the topic they’re based on, yet find themselves intrigued and watching it. Animations tell the viewer exactly what the business is about in a short and concise animation. This saves a lot of time and simplifies long uninteresting paragraphs that are usually overlooked by people and makes them want to research and know more about you.

7. Tutorials

Instead of spending hours typing out long tutorials for staff members or having to have long repetitive conversations, why not invest in animations for your content now?

An Explainer video can show the job requirements from different angles and can rewatch any section they are unsure on. This is great as it means employees can work more independently and can pause and play the animation at regular intervals as they undertake the project at hand.

8. Comprehension

A video animation can show your product from all angles whereas a text description of photograph limits the angles that can be seen.

9. Appearance

As a business you want people to look at your website and think “They know what they’re doing” right?

If your website has animations on this shows technical ability and makes the customer think that can trust you to handle their order successfully. It also shows that you take time and care on your website and suggests you have the same application to your business



The use of animation can drastically improve your business, from higher traffic and sales to cutbacks on time and money the options to simplify your business are endless.

Animations are great for training employees and can be reused for years as they’re a fun, quirky way to get your message across to them whilst ensuring it’s a memorable experience.

It is clear that animations affect a lot of aspects of a business and are the ultimate must have if you want to simplify your business now.