Because It’s Not Just About Making Pretty Pictures

Take a moment to look around. See that logo? It’s graphic design. See that advertisement? It’s graphic design. See that card? It’s graphic design. See that website? It used some sort of graphic design.

Graphic design is everywhere. And chances are your business will need it at some point. If you’re designing a new website, printing new business cards, running an ad campaign or developing new brand identifiers like logos, it’s important to get your graphic design right. Of course, there are some things you should do, and others that you shouldn’t.

DO your research and keep to date with what’s hot and what’s not in the graphic design world. While you don’t want to reproduce stuff that everyone else has already made, it’s important that you remain up with the play with trends, styles and techniques.

But, DON’T copy what other people have done. There’s a fine line between finding inspiration and downright stealing, so tread carefully.

DO use clean and modern fonts so your creation is easy to read. But DON’T go font-crazy and squeeze too many into one design, because the audience you’re trying to reach might get too overwhelmed and move on. (Also, DON’T use Comic Sans. Just … DON’T.)

DO include images in your design to add an element of interest. But, DON’T go overboard. Remember, your design needs to tell a story and communicate an idea. If it gets lost in a pile of pretty pictures that don’t relate to your main idea, you’re missing the point – and you’re losing your audience.

DO use stock. The wonderful world wide web has a plethora of stock image websites filled with images (even video production footage) for virtually anything you can think of. Some images cost, others are free, while others specialise in certain genres.

DON’T use Google images. Anything that’s sourced off Google doesn’t belong to you; it’s effectively stealing. You also can’t guarantee the quality of Google images, so if you’re after a professional finish, choose stock.

When starting out on a new design, DON’T just jump straight into Photoshop and hope that something sticks. Even if you don’t rate your drawing skills, it’s a great idea to brainstorm on paper before having a go electronically. At this stage, no idea is a bad idea so don’t be afraid to go wild.

DO use plenty of white space. While the point of graphic design is to create, it’s also paramount to consider what you don’t create. White space allows your design to breathe and your audience to read it easily.

Most importantly, DON’T be afraid to experiment, DON’T be afraid to test the waters with a new design, and DON’T be afraid to trust your gut. While it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, it’s also important to take risks, challenge your creativity and let loose sometimes. Sometimes your risks will pay off and other times they won’t, but that’s OK. The beauty of graphic design is that you can always start over.

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