Graphic Design & Animation are a Great Team

Great design makes a business look flash.

As general and simplistic as that might seem, it’s true. As a consumer, you’re more likely to interact with a website that looks slick, modern and on-trend than one that looks like it’s been around since the birth of the internet. Professionally-designed logos are much more appealing than ones that look like they’re straight out of Paint. And when it comes to business cards, we all know how snobby we can be when we’re confronted with one that hasn’t had a lot of effort put into it compared with one that’s creative and vibrant.

Animation is a bit the same. An animated video that is smooth, slick and fluid is much more engaging than one that’s jolty, poorly-constructed and outdated. An animator that hasn’t kept up-to-date with modern trends and techniques is less likely to create an awesome, engaging video than one who consistently keeps his finger on the animation pulse.

Graphic design and animation go hand in hand because, when they’re both done exceptionally, they can transform the perception of a business from stagnant to vibrant – instantly. Both media are visual, so when a viewer takes even so much as a glance, they can instantly conjure up a perception of the business they’re associated with.

When it comes to animated videos, then, it’s important that every kind of graphical element used is as optimal as possible. We’re talking slick transitions, clean scenes, and elements that have been strategically included because they add something to the overall story.

So how do you know what makes a great graphic designer or animator? First and foremost, they listen to you. A great graphic designer or animator take the time to really understand your business and the purpose of your design request. They figure out who your target audience is, what your message is, and how you want to tell your story. Their graphic design reflects their expertise at transforming your ideas into a reality on whatever medium you need – business cards, logos, marketing collateral, website design, whatever. And their animation expertise comes together to create a powerful, creative video that ticks all your boxes.

Not sure where to start when it comes to graphic design and animation? If you need a hand with any graphic design updates, or are interested in putting together your own animated explainer video, corporate video, training video or marketing video, drop the Onepost Video Production team a line – they love to chat.