More Than Just a Pretty Picture

When you think ‘graphic design’, you immediately imagine logos, websites, signwriting, letterheads and video production. Graphic design is usually associated with the branding of a business. It tells you the name of a business and what they can do for you. But graphic design is more than just a pretty picture. Why? Because it’s effectively a business’ first opportunity to connect with their customers. It’s their first impression, and it’s important that they do it right.


One of the greatest benefits of exceptional graphic design is the ability to create a strong consistent message across all forms of communication. This means wherever your logo and branding appear, it’s used in the same way every time. Same font. Same size. Same colours. Same everything. When other companies ask to use your logo in their own collateral, you instruct them how to use it correctly. Now’s the time to create branding guidelines if you haven’t already so they’re onhand if your logo is to be shared.


You and your existing clients might know you’re awesome, but if your only first impression is your branding it’s imperative that you get it right. Great graphic design adds a whole new level of professionalism to your business in a way that word of mouth just can’t. It doesn’t matter how much hype your sales team can spout off, if the collateral they give prospective clients looks like it was made by your 12-year-old on Microsoft Paint, it’s almost a given that you won’t get their business.

Enter the 21st century

A successful business operating in the 21st century understands that evolution is essential to survive. If your logo and branding have not been updated since the early 90s, it’s definitely time for a rebrand. Use this time to analyse your overall company: your goals, your vision, your mission statement, your reason for being. As each of these is identified, use each insight to influence how graphic design can help you move forward and update the colours you use in your branding to fit with the overall feeling of your business – check out the image below and see where you fit. And to celebrate your total brand relaunch now’s also the perfect time to create a new explainer video that outlines exactly who you are, where you’re going and how you can help your client base.

Moving forward with great graphic design

If you think now’s the time to make a change in your own graphic design requirements, you won’t regret it! Contact the friendly team at Onepost Media Production who’ll steer you in the right direction.