(And Why Doing it on an iPhone Isn’t)

Facebook Live, Snapchat videos, YouTube tutorials, news, Skype, Netflix … The average person consumes hours upon hours of video content in their private lives, from the moment we hit snooze on our alarm in the morning to the moment we switch the light off at the end of the day.

But when it comes to the average nine-to-five, companies are still largely lagging in applying video content to the business day. Because their staff are so used to engaging with video at home – even communicating with people on the other side of the world with it – it makes sense to incorporate video at work too.

Whether it’s a conference, AGM, training day or regular staff get-together, here’s why you should video your next event.

Conferences & AGMs

If you’re a mid-to-large-sized business, chances are your staff aren’t all based in the same office. Videoing conferences and AGMs enables you to connect with staff wherever in the world they happen to be, especially when they can’t all be in the same room together. Live-stream your big event all around the world using the internet, or upload videos to your intranet so staff can access them at a later date. Using video hosting software like Viostream also lets your staff watch and engage remotely with your live video content by enabling them to ask questions or comment on your videos in real-time.

Training Days

Training days aren’t easy to organise, and unless they happen very regularly the effort put into them can feel like a waste of time once they’re over. Videoing your next training day, then uploading them to your intranet or turning them into a digital training package for your staff is a great way to make training accessible to everyone, without having to input huge levels of effort every time. Welcome new staff members to the team with digital onboarding videos, then keep them engaged and upskilled with regular training sessions via recorded video, hosted on your intranet.


Major events like weddings, funerals and milestone birthday parties come and go, but video lasts forever. Videoing your next big event will not only let you relive those fond memories whenever you want to, it’ll also help you connect with people who might not have been able to be there in person.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is quickly becoming a popular video sharing option, because of the widespread nature of social media and the easy accessibility the average person has, thanks to smartphones and tablets. Facebook Live enables users to connect with their viewers by encouraging live comments and responses, boosts engagement on a user’s Facebook page. The default recording device is an iPhone or other smartphone, but while this might be an easy option, it’s not always the best. For superior video quality that doesn’t rely on a strong internet connection, we recommend using a video production company like Onepost Video Production next time you’re in the market for filming a live event.

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