2D Animation

What is 2D Explainer Video?

Animated explainer videos have the ability to connect a brand/business with their target audience in a way that other marketing forms can’t. They cross barriers of engaging by making complicated concepts easier to understand. They communicate in a way that’s approachable, and enhance your marketing strategy that’s easily-digestible and even easier to share.

Video that Converts

An animated explainer video that sits on the top of you website’s home page can dramatically reduce your bounce rate – increasing the time your website visitors stick around – Something that Google is VERY concerned about. They factor this in when ranking websites. All of this adds up to more eyes on your brand, more exposure via Google and more opportunities to convert.

Brand awareness

Using your brand colours throughout your animated explainer video will help your target audience connect your brand with what they’re watching, building trust and recognition outside the realm of the video.

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