4 Ways To Repurpose Content

We all agree it is needless to reinvent the wheel. When it comes to content, the same principle applies. While there will be new ideas to share with your audience, you will encounter times when recycling old content will be more effective. You, therefore, need to find new ways to repurpose your content. Fortunately, there are several options to re-ignite your content. The best part? It will turn out better, trendier, more engaging and more valuable than the original post.

If you’re struggling to repurpose existing content, or you’re in doubt of its benefits, here are the best ways to get the job done:

Turn your Written Posts into Visual Posts

Visual content generates more engagement and attention than text-based content. If you have some evergreen written content, there is a high probability it will appeal to a wider audience when it is converted into visual content. Listicles are great examples of contents that perform better when converted into visuals format such as infographics. People can digest the content at a glance without getting bored. Visual content is also shared more than written content. This increases its chances of performing better than the initial post.

Update your Old Blogs

Another great way to repurpose content is by updating your old blogs or website pages. Updating such content is like dusting a book from the shelf. It immediately gains new traction. Moreover, SEO rules for algorithms are constantly evolving. The more updated and timely your content is, the more visible it will be in search queries. Go back to some of your old blog posts and adjust them accordingly. You can change its appearance in the sequence and feature it right back on top of your list for relevance. If you can add extra paragraphs and update the photos, even better!

Transform your Bullet Points into Social Media Posts

If you have popular and evergreen bullet points, convert them into a social media post sequence. For instance, you can share a #TipTuesday containing some bullet points from an old blog on Tuesdays. Put it on a branded slide and backlink to the blog for those who want to read more. You can add relevant hashtags in the comments section to drive new traffic to the repurposed content.

Transform your Website Pages into Videos or Newsletters

Newsletters must be consistent for a great effect. If you find it challenging to create new content for any reason, you can refurbish existing ones by converting your website pages into videos or newsletters. All you need to do is to shorten and reformat it and it’ll be as good as new. It may include some pages of your website that highlight your services and testimonials.

If you want to convert to video content, the video must be of good quality which you can share on social media or YouTube. This way, you can reach people that wouldn’t have seen the content if it only existed in its original form. You can also link it back to your website for SEO benefits.

Whether it is an old blog post or an evergreen listicle, you can repurpose your content to serve the need of the current time and trend. Use any of the ways shared to revitalize existing content for optimal results.

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