Step 1

Quote and Talk

Go through our Quote page so we can get as much information as we need. Then we can talk about all your requirements and send you a detailed Quote.

Step 2


We work with you putting together a script which includes a  worded storyboard. If you already have a script, awesome! This helps us give you a good deal.

Step 3


We get busy with creating a visual storyboard that works with your brand. Once you are happy we can take this through to Animation. Because of this crucial step, there will be no surprises in the animation.

Step 4


Ahh the fun part – Bringing your storyboard to life! Working to the brief and designed storyboard, we make some real art with either 2D/3D Animation techniques or even Stop Motion.

Step 5


We work with a couple of voice agencies in NZ and abroad. We will create a select list of a few great voices we think will fit your video perfectly. When you are happy with the choice, we book the voice artist in to record your video.

Step 6


Knock knock. The delivery man is here! Through the end of the animation process, we send you progress videos into your email. Once you are fully happy, we send you a link with your high res video ready for the World Wide Web… Or TV.