Video Marketing and Your Business: Why It’s Important

Video production and marketing has become an integral part of marketing campaigns for businesses of all kinds. With stats that show 5 billion videos being watched per day on YouTube and click-through rates between 200-300% on videos sent by email to consumers, there is no question that this form of marketing is extremely beneficial.

Any business leaving the video-consuming market untapped is losing out on endless opportunities to reach their desired consumers. According to Renderforest, in 2019, 80% of global internet consumption is through video content and marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. In this quick-to-click age, it is a no-brainer for marketers to use video production as a part of their marketing tactic.   

What is Video Marketing?

So, what exactly is video marketing? This form of marketing integrates videos into your marketing strategy. These videos can be informational, educational, promotional or just entertaining. You can use these videos to educate your consumers or promote your product or service.

Videos increase engagement by reaching a much larger audience than you would with traditional marketing strategies. These videos can be showcased on social media, website landing pages, YouTube and other digital platforms to reach a large number of viewers.   

Different Types of Video Production

When opting for video production, you need to be clear on what platform you are sharing the video and also what kind of video you want to produce. Each platform that you put your video has a different audience; thus, the kind of content that is produced will have to be different.

The differences exist in the length of the video, the way the video is produced and even the actual content of the video itself.

Below are a few different types of content that can be produced and how to best use them from a marketing standpoint:

Promotional Videos

Though promotional videos are what you would think of as traditional television adverts, there are some fundamental differences. These videos are shorter, more to-the-point with relevant information. Unlike traditional advertising, the viewer has a choice of whether they want to watch the video or not; this ensures that only views that are relevant will be watching the video.

Promotional videos target consumers that are looking for a solution to a specific problem. These videos aim to provide a solution as a part of the decision-making process of a consumer. Promotional videos can be used in the form of corporate videos, product unboxing videos, presentation videos, advertising, demos and reviews.

Educational Videos

These videos are exactly what they sound like; the aim is to educate the viewer through the content in the video. It has been proven that communication through visual and sound together are more likely to be retained by audiences over mere words on a piece of paper. These videos are easy to understand and go beyond just informing viewers about products and services. Educational videos seek to answer the “what” and “why” of their content’s subject.

Unlike reading about a promotional video, an educational video will teach you more about a product or service rather than just giving you information about it. These videos explain complex through simple videos; something that would be harder to explain in words could be easier to show in a video. Educational videos can be used in the form of how-tos, course videos, and explainer videos. Educational videos are often in animation format to reduce the number of people needed for the production of complex videos.   

Informational Videos

Informational videos are like educational videos, but they only scratch the surface of the content. They stick to the ‘what’ without getting into the ‘why’. They are straight-cut, no-nonsense videos that don’t have any entertainment value like promotional videos might have. They give information to the viewer without the frills.

Informational videos aren’t used very often by businesses as marketing tactics, but rather to just give information about a service or product. Mostly, informational videos can be seen in the form of news reports, interviews and public service announcements.

Entertainment Videos

This is what viewers tend to watch the most. They are fun videos made purely for the sake of entertainment. From a marketing perspective, these videos subtly incorporate products and services but mainly exist to draw viewers into a certain website or social media platform.

Entertainment videos are used to increase the number of potential consumers for a certain platform. They can be in the form of funny clips for social media, YouTube videos, music videos and much more. Technically, promotional and educational videos can also fall under the entertainment category, depending on how they are made.

What Can Video Production Do for You?

Like we stated above, video has become a leading path to connect with audiences and relevant markets. Video has become so popular that it is no longer viewed as a mere tactic; rather, entire marketing strategies are built around video production.

Video marketing can help your business create a sense of trustworthiness for your customer through the production of relatable and friendly content. This content can also be optimized with the help of SEO to make sure you rank high on search engines like Google. This will ensure that your video is reaching a larger audience.

If you’re trying to reach a younger generation, according to a survey done by Brightcove, 66% of millennials engaged with a brand after watching a short promotional video on social media. Once a viewer engages with your content, they are more likely to share the video; this way your content is reaching a larger audience.

These days, your consumer is more likely looking at their phone, rather than at the television or a newspaper. These small pieces of technology carry everything we need; news, communication and entertainment. So why not reach out and try to appeal to your consumer through that? The best way to do that is through video content.

If you are in the Wellington, Auckland area, and are looking for video production in NZ, reach out to Onepost Media; they specialize in video marketing content to boost awareness and drive sales for your business.

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