Nobody is going to pay attention, ever, if you’re explaining a medical thing or a health-related issue by mixing medical jargon instead of simplifying it. And, probably, this makes marketing very difficult for the medical and healthcare industries.

However, there is one solution and that is “animation videos”. According to EyeView, a video beats any other form of marketing and contributes over 90% to customer’s purchase decisions. And, a report by DMB Adobe says that demo videos are the most popular form of instructional manuals or more direct – marketing, that gets easily digestible by a common audience and likely increase the sales rate by 1.81x.

A medical animation or a healthcare animation video does the same for you. So, today in this article we’ll show you the best practices and tips to use animation videos in the healthcare industry.

What Are Medical Explainers Videos?

By definition, medical explainers are animated videos used to effectively communicate complicated ideas and subjects of the medical and healthcare industries. They boil down hard-to-grasp concepts of medical fields into easily digestible content to educate and inform the common audience.

Explainers videos are animated hence they’re compelling to watch and captures attention quickly. Any core concept or difficult process can be communicated easily through animated videos. Moreover, adding an SEO part to animated videos will help you to skyrocket your video marketing strategies.

Benefits Of Medical Explainer Videos

With the ever-expanding online community, marketing is becoming the most vital part of any business. And, especially animated videos, nowadays, are indispensable business tools for various industries.

The medical sector or healthcare industry is no exception. If you’re a medical professional or a healthcare company, you need a solid medium to get your message across without biasing towards the advertising environment.

Here’s how you can benefit by using medical explainers videos:

1. Enhances SEO and Increases engagement

It’s a no-brainer that increasing engagement on your site is the most critical aspect of your business. Animated videos, when, embedded properly onto your website’s landing pages can drastically increase user interactions with your products and services. Or even better, it helps you build a powerful connection with customers by burning the internal bridge.

Also, implementing the right SEO tactics in videos can help you consistently rank higher on Google. Moreover, staying at the top will ultimately boost your website traffic. People will likely spend more time and interact if there’s an animated video on your page. Finally, you’ll build a large set of audience and a list of customers that are genuinely interested in your product or service.

2. Clarifies complicated topics


Not everyone understands the doctor’s language and that’s why we have medical experts. Similarly, animated videos are there to help regular people and make them understand the diseases, issues, symptoms, and other aspects of the healthcare industry.

Medical animation videos are intended to change the complexity of your medical care business into lucidity while recounting your story in a brief and spellbinding manner.  

Furthermore, more often than not, medical explainers videos are in the form of animations that make it easy for people to understand and grasp the most difficult concepts.

3. Efficiently markets services and improve brand visibility


Healthcare animation videos are highly shareable in nature. With a few clicks, you can share these across various social media channels. This, in turn, expands your reach in the potential market and beyond your verticals.

With a convincing, high-performing explainer video, you’ll convey your message in a special way that drives extreme results for your individual necessities including a solid online presence.

Also, an explainer video, when crafted well, can make you look more authoritative and professional in your services. These all ultimately adds up to brand visibility and marketing your products or services.

How To Use Animated Videos in the Healthcare Industry?


Healthcare animated videos can be used for multiple purposes. Whether to inform the patient about the disease or to prepare them for treatment, explainer videos can come in handy.

However, the videos aren’t as useful if you can’t get the right message across. Let’s take a look at some of the ways to use animated videos and things to consider before posting them on your marketing channels.

1. Use animations in medical procedures


Medical procedures are too complicated to express in words or illustrations. Medical care issues can be unpredictable, in any event, for experts. They’re hard to examine and clarify, particularly to a layman. That intricacy makes it harder to help patients and partners understand medical diagnosis and healthcare challenges. Healthcare animation videos are unparalleled in their capacity to discuss complex concepts clearly with individuals. 

Medical explainers videos are presumably the quickest, least difficult and most detailed method of instructing patients, educating people and medical students about medical processes. Take, for instance, the cycle of angioplasty, a method of treating heart illness. To do this, embed the catheter into the vein to open the plaque. 

Regardless of whether small cameras would now be able to find a way into the veins to show this interaction, it would still not be perceived by a normal person. This is only one of the situations where animations are generally required. Doing this will help patients grasp clearly what they’re dealing with and how the treatment methods going to help them.

As a video creation organization, video production Auckland is unbeatable in its capacity to make unique, engaging, and visually stunning videos that describe your product or service in a real and relatable way that connects with your audience.

2. Use animations in education


Animations assist students with high health education. This additionally helps weak students as well as higher proficient people to retrieve information from videos whenever possible. Along these lines, animations can help aid professional training, in addition, covers patient education and public awareness. 

It turns out that, animations work for patients with little or null medical knowledge, or even if they experience difficulty understanding clinical terms and issues. Obviously, animation alone can’t get the job done. They must be placed with the right audio and text narration.

3. Healthcare animation videos in medicals and hospitals


Medical clinics and hospitals have the benefit in that individuals arrive in a sit for a couple of moments and some of the time longer. This is an incredible chance to utilize animated videos in the lounge area as opposed to making individuals watch the videos.

Medical care suppliers — specialists, centres, professionals and new businesses can use medical explainers videos to connect straightforwardly with patients, buyers, and likely accomplices, and to present their brands and mission.

If that’s too much to handle for you then video production Auckland can help you make a healthcare animation video that is super-connecting and effectively passes on your message so your audience comprehends what you do and what services you offers.

4. Introduce new services or products


The medical field is a significant unique space; that is the reason why showcasing and advertising require an unexpected methodology in comparison to different businesses. You may be trying to advertise clinical benefits but the advertisement should sound fairly like an authoritative recommendation and influential yet not very salesy.

So how do you do it? – The answer is animation videos. When you’re promoting your products through animated videos, the overall tone feels educational rather than promotional. Thus, it helps people understand your product and at the same time doesn’t feel like a traditional advertising gimmick.

So, instead of using long written articles or blogs on your site, try using animated videos and possibly embed them on your landing page to promote new services and products.

5. Brand building through animation


Trust is potentially the absolute most esteemed thing in the healthcare industry. Through the essential utilization of excellent healthcare animation videos, your image can procure thought–leadership roles in the business through the creation of medical explainers videos. Thus, using medical animation videos for healthcare and other possible areas are an extraordinary method to begin your brand building.

Moreover, animated videos let you say a ton in an extremely short space of time. Numerous consumers and even some professionals would very much want to watch a fast medical procedure video than perusing it with text or audio form. So, your video turns into a brilliant tool to associate with your consumers and potential clients in the first place, while simultaneously advancing your brand.

6. Communicating via animations

Customers always come first and especially in healthcare industries when your customers are patients you need to make sure they get the right information, whenever they need them. It’s your mission to urgently supply correct procedures and answers to patients – and this is something that animation videos do exceptionally well.

By posting explainer videos on the web, you can give customers or patients the information and data they need. Also, the platform is easily accessible which makes it easy enough for patients to utilize the information whenever they require it.

Perhaps the main medical problem is insurance. Ultimately, you can make medical coverage or health insurance video to teach individuals the significance of having an insurance plan.


To wrap it up, animated videos or more specifically medical animation videos are the most vital part of the marketing strategy for medical and healthcare industries. A short 2-3 minute video can offer you many benefits than any other medium of marketing. There’s no one who doesn’t like simplicity and animation videos do this job exceptionally well. They breakdown complex topics into simple, engaging, yet informative content that’s easy to share and grasp for a common audience.

Producing animation videos takes a lot of time and not to mention the required resources and necessary software licenses. But, it also guarantees a high ROI and drastically reduces other management costs.

In case, if you’re seeking a team of professionals that can help you produce world-class animated videos then please contact video production Auckland.