How to Make Business Videos for Snapchat

how to make business videos for snapchat, video production marketing

November 26, 2018

Young, Hip & Funky Businesses, Just Like Their Customers

Let’s be honest; Snapchat is one of the most fun social media platforms out there (hello dog filter!). But when it comes to businesses and brands using the platform to connect with their customers, it’s not as easy as hitting record.

Snapchat lets users create 10-second videos that disappear as soon as they’ve been watched. Recent changes enable users to butt six of these short videos up against each other, creating a full minute of video fun. A loop option means that the video will keep replaying until the user stops it. A recent change to the chat functionality also means that messages can be kept for 24 hours.

A Typical Snapchat Audience

Snapchat definitely falls at the youthful end of the social media engagement spectrum. According to Bloomberg, nearly three-quarters of young adults aged 18 to 24 regularly use Snapchat. That means that Snapchat is probably only a worthwhile advertising medium for businesses whose target audiences fall into that age demographic.

In early 2017, Snapchat started opening its advertising platforms in New Zealand. Interestingly, only 4% of Kiwi businesses have a Snapchat account – which means businesses who do have a lot of potential advertising win.

how to make business videos for snapchat, video production marketing

Businesses & On-the-Fly Snapchat Videos

The main appeal of video via Snapchat is its spur-of-the-moment, off-the-cuff feel. It’s expected that a video will be jumpy and volatile. Users can crash-zoom into objects they want to focus on and perform a running commentary while filming stuff that’s happening around them.

Snapchat video isn’t meant to be refined and professional like it is on Facebook or Instagram to a degree; it’s meant to be casual, informal and as-it-happens.

Businesses can use this style of video to add a degree of informality and immediacy to their brand. If they’re at live events or following Harry and Megan around New Zealand, a Snapchat video can add a lot of personality and relatability to an otherwise straight brand.

Slicker Snapchat Video Production

If you prefer the professional look over that spur-of-the-moment feel, it is possible to create videos outside of the Snapchat functionality and upload them as messages and stories for your consumers. Simply create your video in an external video editing programme or partner with a social media video marketing specialist to do it for you, then upload your video as a ‘memory’.

Things to note:

  • Videos should be under a minute long (your video will cut off after 60 seconds)
  • Remember to record your video in portrait mode, not landscape, to fit with Snapchat’s user experience (this is a bit of a mind-bend since all other modes of video production push for landscape mode to fit inside a TV, computer screen, phone or tablet).

Snapchat & Your Business

Interested in creating a Snapchat account for your business but not sure where to start or even if it’s worthwhile for your business? Have a chat to the friendly team at Onepost who know more than a thing or two about video marketing for social media. We’ve worked with some big businesses both here and further afield so we know what works for businesses, what’s worth taking a risk on, and what’s best left to someone else to experiment with.

Keen to find out more? Have a chat with the Onepost team today – we’d love to create a social media video marketing solution that ticks all your boxes.

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