Why Animated Explainer Videos are So Awesome at Converting

Explainer Videos are great for converting, animated explainer videos

July 2, 2018

Your Brand + Animation = $$$ in Your Pocket

Let’s not beat around the bush here: animated explainer videos don’t come for free. But as with any marketing investment, the benefit far outweighs the cost. Here’s why.

Animated explainer videos have the ability to connect a business with their target audience in a way that other forms of marketing can’t. They cross barriers of understanding by making complicated concepts easier to understand. They communicate big ideas in an approachable, personable way. And they enhance your marketing strategy with content that’s easily-digestible and even easier to share.

Hook your audience

We can all agree that an explainer video is an entertaining and engaging way to communicate with your customers, but we can’t back those statements up with good hard facts. Well, what about this? Putting an explainer video near the top of your home page could reduce bounce rate and increase the time visitors to your website stay there. If people stay on your website longer, you’ll start to rank higher in Google too. All of this adds up to more eyes on your brand, more exposure via Google and more opportunities to convert.

Talk about your product in seconds, not minutes (or hours)

If you’re the kind of person who can’t focus long enough to read a page of text, chances are you stopped reading this after the first paragraph. Animated explainer videos use both verbal and visual modes of communication to express an idea or message, which means more people are more likely to get something out of it. A great voiceover works alongside slick animation or live-action video production to create a two-toned message, and because two modes of communication work alongside one another, it doesn’t need to be very long! The best explainer videos are roughly 30-90 seconds long. Any longer and you risk boring your audience.

Help your audience identify with you

If the person watching your video can see themselves in it, they’re more likely to keep watching – and they’re more likely to align themselves with the message your business expresses too. Creating animated characters that look like and do the kinds of things a viewer does will help your audience trust your product and brand more than if your video was filled with unapproachable characters.

Build brand awareness

Using your brand colours throughout your animated explainer video will help your target audience connect your brand with what they’re watching, building trust and recognition outside the realm of the video.

Keen to give an animated explainer video a crack? Talk to the friendly Onepost Media Production team today – we’ve got the know-how and the can-do to create you a unique explainer video that will give you results.

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